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Life is probably cruel because we choose to make it so by taking it too seriously. It does not have to be that way. At Flipped Notes, we engage in open-minded discussions on the itsy-bitsy components of life – the way we see it.

We take the liberty to make the most of everything humanly possible. We choose to enjoy and educate ourselves on what we do and what happens around us.

One way we do it involves flipping around and uncomplicating whatever appears complicated – holding the bull by its horns so to say.

In any case, life, which is itself a very precious gift, is about me, you, family, friends, society, and life itself.

Popular areas of discussions are categorized as shown below:

Why stress over the distractions?

By joining us, you too can flip things around and uncomplicate life the way you see it. By writing with Flipped Notes, you can uncomplicate the complex aspects of your life and society – like never before!