The 5 Friend Zone Signs Showing You Have Been Trapped!

When you exhibit friend zone signs, you want to have for yourself a person to turn to in the event of heartbreak or boredom.4 min

Friend zoned
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Many of us have fallen victims to friend zone signs before and somehow lived to tell the story! And just as well, we are USUALLY right the moment the friend zone suspicions begin to linger.

Here is the thing: You are so into this person and believe life is incomplete without them. But again, your CRUSH is lacking in intimacy and yet wants you to stick around!  

They would rather you remained a close friend with whom to share little secrets, pains, boredom, and heartbreak! They want you around through thick and thin.

Much as you want to convince yourself there is a silver lining at the end of the tunnel, chances are, your relationship with your CRUSH will most likely remain that way. PERIOD!

Unless of course, unlikely circumstances rewire the misfortune in your favor.  

If you fit this bill, my friend, then welcome to the Friendzone.

What then are the friend zone signs to look out for?

friend zone signs
(Emotions are swiftly quashed in a friend zone)

Read through the friend zone signs listed below and see where you belong:

1. Your matchmaker!

Yes, your matchmaker! How frustrating.

When the person you are so much into turns the matchmaker on your behalf, then you are toast!

The message is clear you are not in his/her plan! On the contrary, they want you to have that someone they believe is the best out there. They believe you should not fall for any Tom, Dick, and Mary, and they are there to make sure this does not happen!.

You will get assurances like the one below, every now and then:

You deserve the best sweetheart.

Judge this the way you see it but it is clear as daylight you are not in someone’s plans!

2. You hung out but never get serious

There is no better feeling than going out with your crush on any given day. Every single one of those dates and outings is exciting. And it will be fun for both of you.

Your crush will utter statements such as,

I cherish every moment I am with you.

They will actually stretch for hours on end. You will most probably spend most of these trying to figure out the relationship, without success.

The signals from your side could be strong enough and transparent. Your crush will however steer clear of your flirty innuendos – so you know.

3. He or she will tell you everything private!

Your crush will most likely tell you everything intimate about his/her past and current relationship.

It is worse if it is related to the stress he/she goes through with the current LOVER and how desperate he/she is to get a better replacement.

I want someone new, someone I have never met before, someone refreshing and spontaneous,

Of course, you are there! But your excitement and hopes won’t help.

You are definitely none of the above.

4. Will turn down your advances swiftly

Of course, the more you meet, talk, and interact, the more likely you will get your opportunities to express your feelings. Interestingly, or unfortunately, the answer will always be a swift NO!

But having gone through social situations where YES and NO are used interchangeably, the feeling of hope and other opportunities keep lingering.

Patience becomes the name of the game.

When he or she notices you are getting more IDEAS into your head, the CHEATING line will be tossed before you.

I do not cheat on my boy/girlfriend

This and other stern answers will send a very clear message. Unless you choose not to listen.

5. He or she is TOO casual with you!

This is a big one.

Read between the lines every time he/she gets out of the house and walks down the park with you. If he/she is unnecessarily casual about appearance, then you are being friend-zoned.

She does not have to be unique, as if you are going for a date!

Flashy appearance does not matter in your presence and is replaced with freedom and a feeling of complete peace of mind.

After all, that is the mood and purpose of the friendzone.

The way out of the friend zone!

If you are able to read into the friend zone signs explained above, then make up your mind and do the right thing.

What matters is how desperate you are and the urgency you have to getting betrothed, visa viz the benefits derived from the friend zone.

If you are in for something CONCRETE, run my brother and sister. RUN!

If however, you are in for friendship and the fun it entails, then stick around? It is amazing how much you can learn through this level of friendship.

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