How Coronavirus is Setting the Stage for a New World Order – a One World Government!

The COVID-19 strain is only a sign of things to come when the world has no choice but to embrace a new world order - under one government!9 min

a new world order
Are we headed towards the new world order? Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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The footprints left behind by the COVID-19 pandemic perhaps make good reading for the doomsday soothsayers and globalism enthusiasts. Without a doubt, Covid-19 is evoking the concept of a new world order or simply, a one-world government.

While it is true the shocks over its impact will die down soon enough or much later, the repercussions it is leaving behind will reverberate for years to come.

It is humbling to imagine how an arguably smart world of the 21st Century was brought down to its knees by only a virus!

For humanity not to be caught flat-footed again, the global community is therefore rethinking its approaches to future global crises and calamities.

Is the one-world government viable today?

Whether COVID-19 originated from bats and pangolins or was cooked up in some laboratory, the fact remains, its handling was bangled up, and majorly due to globalization and technology.

The connectedness of the world today exposes it to even more pandemics and the only way to minimize similar drama involves turning it into a single political entity.

The new world order is arguably a pet project by the deep state, or a mad man waiting in the shadows, itching to have the world under absolute control – talk of an alien, the antichrist, or the white horseman of deception!

Who knows?

And here are possible scenarios to get you thinking:

1. The missing link in globalization!

a global village and new world order
The global village today is unlike the eclosed communities of our ancestors. (Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels)

When a few technology experts took the leap of faith to connect the world as it were in the 20th century, a few of them envisaged a TRUE global village in the 21st Century.

Globalization alongside technology opened up our minds to diverse knowledge and possibilities. Well, most of it – but not all.

The dawn of the coronavirus strain reminded us of a small itsy-bitsy thing: the role of a closed community in containing emergencies such as Covid-19.

Pandemics in prehistoric existence was a problem within one community and remained so until it was eradicated or instead, wiped out entire target communities. Of course, the few who managed to see another day lived to tell the story.

Through the centuries, however, as agricultural and industrial revolutions replaced prehistoric lifestyles, diseases managed to break out of target communities and infected the nearby communities.

Examples of prominent pandemics in the recent past:

  • The Justinian plague (541 AD) killed over 20 million in Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • The Black Death (1346-1353) killed over 50 million Europeans, Asians, and Africans.
  • The Cocoliztli or Aztecs (1545 – 1550) killed 15 million Mexicans, which was equivalent to 80% of the population
  • The Flu pandemic (1918 – 1920) killed 20 -50 million, a 3rd of the world population

The reality of contagious diseases causing mayhem in the 21st century is well illustrated by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The problem is becoming even worse, now that communities live in crowded and dirty towns and cities.

In order to solve this and related problems, the world has no choice but to come even closer!

Equipped with modern epidemiology and advanced science and technology maybe we can tame diseases better through a new world order i.e. the one-world government.

As separate countries, we have shown our inability to handle Covid-19!

2. The botched up global leadership amidst Covid-19

isolation because of COVID-19
People seem lost amidst COVID-19

The unwarranted spread of COVID-19 clearly showed how political leaders fumbled their way into its traps.

Right from day one, most leaders took COVID-19 for a passenger flu and imagined it would go away soon after.

They were wrong, and COVID-19 was the unwelcome guest destined to stick around for a little while! Even when there was widespread call to flatten the curve, many countries and political leaders continued to play down the threat:

Starting with the USA, all the way to Europe, local authorities chose to walk the pandemic road without clear leadership. Trump for one, acquiesced state authorities to take matters into their own hands. In Europe, the EU was dead silent over the right course of action.

The America Voice press release read in part,

lack of guidance from the Trump administration has left states, local governments, school administrators, and so many others scrambling for their own responses to the virus that causes COVID-19

Albeit the slow start in Africa, the OAU was ominously silent. Meanwhile in Russia Putin was quietly adding years to his throne! Surely, he must be having something up his sleeves!

So, come another global pandemic and the world will forcefully need a person with absolute authority and charisma to do what others failed.

3. The puzzle of paper money!

parer and paper less money in the new world order
Paperless money has become quite necessary in the digital world. Photo by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty from Pexels

The apparent shutdown of free movement, associations, and public gatherings surely rendered paper money a little irrelevant in Italy, parts of China, the Philippines, Spain, France, the USA, etc.

Citizens went cashless by making orders online using digital currency.

Further still, a debate ensued over the possibility that paper money actually facilitated the transmission of COVID-19.

First was the WHO spokesman who suggested to the Daily Telegraph why it was good to use contact-less money. Then came the clarification from the organization explaining that the idea was not a coronavirus guideline!

But reports elsewhere indicated that the virus thrived on inanimate surfaces for days, and for shorter periods on paper money. High temperatures could most likely kill them, and countered with washing hands correctly, the notes were probably not very harmful.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the experts have zigzagged over different possibilities and ended up with a thumbs up for paper money, at least for now.

The road towards paper-less money will definitely take shape, and soon enough. Countries around the world are figuring out how this can work!

4. 5G & a new world order!

5G and the new world order
5G and the new world order. Image by ADMC from Pixabay

5G is definitely the next big thing in technology and the 4th industrial revolution. It is the surest way to connect the diverse Internet of Things (IoT) devices in a breeze.

But 5G will not be limited to your refrigerator and smart systems.

An extensive 5G grid will do much more than just speed up the Internet. If China’s surveillance projects are anything to learn from, it will usher in a complex network of devices, people (Read RFID chip), advanced digital financial management, and the ultimate tool for surveillance.

Yes, surveillance!

This is already being echoed by experts who suspect Huawei – the global leader in 5G implementation is being used by political establishments to watch over countries and its peoples!

Just as well, street (and domestic) cameras in addition to RFID implementation will leave the people vulnerable to radiofrequency beams, and most important, deliberate targets by governments.

Then in comes Covid-19 and the quest for a new world order!

The truth is, COVID-19 has taken power from the people and given political establishments authority to implement whatsoever they see best.

These range from forced quarantines to lock-downs, and medical practitioners choosing who to let live or die.

5. The Bible and the end times

a new world order?
The all-seeing eye? Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Of course, this is a matter of religious belief and I will not want to shove anything down your throat.

Still, here me out.

If you have spent some time reading the bible, you will agree with me the idea of a one-world government, aka ‘new world order’ sounds rather familiar.

Yes, but this will come at a price.

The bible talks of pestilences that will herald a beast who will take advantage of the pain of the people to rule the world. The pain of quarantine and lockdown is real for governments and real families.

Are we witnessing this transition beginning to unfold?

Probably not yet but maybe not very far.

Here’s is why things are adding up one after the other.

First is the reality of previous pestilences. Far greater pestilences have happened in the past which probably dwarf COVID-19 by many standards:

The Justinian plague killed over 20 million in Africa, Asia, and Europe, the Black Death killed 50 million, the cocoliztli killed 15 million, the Flu pandemic killed 20 -50 million, etc.

But the Bible explains, this is only the beginning of what is to come, and people must not fear.

Then in comes Covid-19!

There is something intriguing about coronavirus in comparison to previous pestilences. The COVID-19 pandemic is happening at a very interesting time, alongside greater leaps in digital technology, and the implementation of 5G. These two are crucial in preparing for the second beast and the reality of the RFID chip.

Further still, it is happening during a time of extreme knowledge and information overload!

Could the antichrist be lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce on a non-suspecting world?

Is the New World Order around the corner?

governments are watching the people
Who is watching you? Image by Frank Magdelyns from Pixabay

10, years, 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years, who knows, only time will tell. In the meantime, strap your belts on, and watch the digital ecosystem supercharge the wheel of time.

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