The Best Gift Ideas: How to Buy a Gift for Anyone

The decision to buy a gift comes from the HEART. It is about love, care, and a genuine wish we have for the person we are buying a gift for.4 min

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We all love to buy a gift for a loved one and ultimately we cherish being recipients of one. Be it a birthday, Christmas, Eid, anniversary, or graduation from college, a gift is a reminder that someone cares.

Now that we have developed the mindset to buy a gift, it is time to investigate the Why, Who, and What factors to consider when acquiring gifts for those we care for.

You don’t simply walk into a gift shop and fork out cash to buy what pleases your eyes. Most often than not, buying a gift on a whim results in some of the WORST buys ever.

So, stick around and delve deep into the best gift ideas from me!

The Why: Why Are You Buying a Gift?

gift ideas
A gift speaks volumes about you

This is where it all starts. Why do you really buy a gift? Is it to make your presence felt? Is it to lay a ground for mischievous reasons, or is it because everyone else is doing it?

A gift is a symbolic gesture that reflects the inner you. The decision to give a gift must come from the HEART. It is about the love, care, and genuine wishes you have for the person you are buying a gift for.

It must not harbor ulterior motives or favors. Actually, it must be voluntary and a one-off thing, which should be done over and over.

The Who: Who Are You Buying the Gift For?

a gift for a child
A gift for a child will not necessarily appease a teen

Are you buying a gift for a child, a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, or a politician? You are not going to shop for a REAL car for a 9 year or 70-year-old. Neither are you buying a parenting toolbox for your parents.

If you are to buy a birthday for your best friend Mary, who happens to be a twin, do not forget to include an equally special gift for her twin brother, Tom.

In brief, put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and consider a number of things about them. The age factor, their feelings, desires, ambitions, spouses, friends, parents, and children.

If totally stuck, get a few right tips from their best friend, brother, sister, or parent.

The What: What Gift Are You Buying?

flowers for a gift
Some people will die for flowers

Now that we have sorted the Why and Who puzzle, it is time to dig deep into the gift package.

For starters, avoid mixing up gifts viz a viz the age and occasion.

Second, the gift must not be expensive if you are not financially sound. Do not stifle your budget at home simply because you want to WOW your best friend with the best gift on the table. You will have missed the Why and Who points explained above.

Do not buy to impress, be yourself and shop for a gift that suits the occasion and heart. It is okay to spend BIG but remember to give more to those that are disadvantaged, even if they are not known to you.

Sample gifts to kickstart your shopping:

  • Bikes and gaming toolbox for young boys
  • Select jewelry for teenage girls
  • A canvas backpack for your teenage boy
  • A vintage coffee cup for your pastor or Imam
  • Cozy shearling slippers for grandpa and grandma
  • Pajama sets for your wife
  • Quarterly internet subscription for your geeky hubby

If you are cash-strapped, get out a pen and paper and write down a message to remember. Again, not to impress but to speak out your heart.

The Final Take

So, get out of your hide-out and buy a gift for someone who matters in your life. Better still, buy a gift for that person who cannot afford it but is in need. It does not have to be expensive.

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