Why Using a Smart Phone in the Toilet While Doing Poop is a Bad Idea!

Next time you walk out of the toilet with your smartphone, think twice before handing it over to someone else. It is probably contaminated with fecal matter!3 min

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phone use in the toilet
(Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels)

Last Updated: October 13, 2020

We all probably use our cell phone(s) in the toilet every now and then. We use them to make phone calls, send text messages, or even swipe through our timelines.

Sometimes, we just want to ogle through those images and videos that are for our eyes only!

According to Bank My Cell, about 90% of us visit the toilet room with our smartphones. For one reason or another, men are more of the offenders than women.

The toilet room is perhaps the perfect rendezvous because it is private and we find ourselves TRULY alone.

The need to abuse our cell phones in this manner is so powerful we are unwilling to imagine the unhealthy side effects.

The question then arises, is smartphone use in the toilet REALLY unhealthy? Come to think of it, we are not eating anything, (save for those who do), and certainly we wash our hands when done with poop!

Here is why phone use in the toilet is bad!

According to the experts, phone use in the toilet is a bad, bad idea, and here is why:

1. The bacteria

Bacteria can stick around for days
Bacteria can stick around for days

Toilet surfaces are covered in germs, and bacteria, in particular. We contaminate our phones when we touch the surfaces and then the phones. The toilet surfaces in question include door handles, toilet seats, faucets, cistern levers, and everything else.

To make it worse, the heat from the phone battery makes the touchscreen a good environment for bacteria to thrive. The bactera can stick around for a week!

Most of the germs are harmless, but some can lead to serious illnesses if not checked.

We are most likely to share the germ-infested phones with friends and kids after we are done doing poop!

This way, we expose them to the germs that linger in the toilet rooms we visit.

The next time you walk out of the toilet think twice before handing over your smartphone to someone else, especially kids. It is most probably contaminated with fecal matter! Consider disinfecting it first – better still, do not carry it to the toilet.

2. Your phone in the toilet can lead to hemorrhoids!

Chances of acquiring hemorrhoids increase every time we stay in the toilet for long periods. It is evident the design of the modern toilet is not suited for extended use.

Interestingly, the design of the modern-day toilet actually favors the extended use of the phone. Slouching in the toilet favors our hunched mentality when using cell phones.