The Really Ugly Sides of Google Glass!

Google Glass makes it possible for users to look where they are not supposed to. A user will simply 'wink' to take pictures of an unsuspecting passerby. 4 min

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Yes, Google Glass may not be popular today the way it was a few years, but it is very much around us. We are only unaware the guy looking at us is a glass-hole.

Google Glass is a head-mounted display that borrows the shape of your everyday eyeglass. Unlike the latter though, it is laced with a rectangular piece of glass, via which visual communication takes place. Its functions can be activated through voice and touch/swipe commands.

Glass is meant to be the companion and extension of your smartphone. It is much like a voice assistant and touch device, only this time with projected visual capabilities. Instead of picking up your smartphone to read notes and emails, Glass will offer a visual display of the same much like using a projector.

You can surf the internet, give map directions, take pictures, record videos, and chat with friends.

All kinds of communication using Google glass are accomplished via:

  • Display
  • Camera
  • Touchpad

The Bad Sides of Google Glass

Apart from the money that consumers have to fork out to acquire Google Glass, the side effects related to privacy, health, distraction, and glass-hole behavior blind its advantages.

1. Privacy Concerns

google glass
The illustration of Google Glass

Google Glass will intrude into the privacy of both the user and the rest of society. This is possible courtesy of the inbuilt eye sensor and camera.

The sensor is intended to help Google collect data about user shopping habits, like check-ins and check-outs of stores and entertainment spots. The information can be used and shared for all the good and wrong reasons.

The general public is also offended by its intrusive nature. Google Glass makes it possible for users to look where they are not supposed to. A user will simply ‘wink’ to take pictures of an unsuspecting passerby. Private moments will become public information via social networking sites.

2. Health Concerns

Eye Related Concerns

Wearing eyeglass has been a reserve of the optically impaired and those seeking eye protection from dirt and sunshine. Google Glass on the other hand pioneers an era of wearable eyeglass, purely for leisure and non-medical prescriptions.

Doctors have repeatedly cautioned against the extended use of eyeglass. For whatever reason, living without glass is the best option for anyone wishing to maintain a good vision for many years. Of course, the visually impaired need them, for one reason or another. but the eyeglass will cause eye strain and may impair the eyes eventually.

Consecutive one-hour use of any eyeglass will result in light sensitivity, dizziness, burning, and eye dryness! According to Dr. Joseph Marcola, ‘eyeglasses WORSEN rather than improve vision’.

Cancer Related Concerns

Glass makes use of Bluetooth and wireless sensors to enable wireless communication. Though not as definitive as radio frequency, wireless devices can lead to long-term cancer.

What makes the case against Glass even more interesting is the fact that it may be worn around the head all day long.

And rightly so, the Google support page warns about those that shouldn’t wear the glasses. They include children under 13 and eye patients.

One argument against anti-Glass theory is that computer users spend hours on end in front of their laptops, unlike Glass users who use them for less than a few hours. In a typical interaction with a computer though, the user sits a foot or more away from the screen and the eyes tend to wander around the room at regular intervals. Glass meanwhile, is an inch or less away from the eye.

3. Concerns About Glass-holes!

There is no denying that a handful of Google Glass wearers become out-right idiots while using it. Main social concerns related to its abuse include:

  • Donning it at all times and looking like an idiot
  • Talking to it loudly in public places
  • Glass drivers will be tempted to peek into glasses while driving
  • Glass-holes will pretend to pay attention while actually busy with Glass

This kind of distraction finds its way into the living room, the office, and other places, and becomes a public order nuisance. As illustrated in this California law Google Glass got the driver in big trouble, and rightly so, one driver got ticketed!

As illustrated in this California law Google Glass got the driver in big trouble, and rightly so, one driver got ticketed!

In Feb 2014, Google listed Dos, and Don’ts guidelines that consumers should adhere to lest they become glass-holes.

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