In Defense of Phone Use in the Toilet!

It is reassuring to note you are not alone practicing phone use in the toilet! According to Bank My Cell infographics, over 90% of teens in the US alone, use their smartphones in the toilet. 3 min

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Last Updated: October 18, 2020

Do not get excited and say I did not warn you: Phone use in the toilet is a BAD, BAD idea! This is especially true when using public toilets. No excuses though even in your own toilet.

Besides, POOP TIME must not be mixed up in a multitasking scheme. There is a need to concentrate and get the job done!

A case for phone use in the toilet!

Now that we have a disclaimer in place, we can go ahead and defend this bad habit!

Below are some good reasons why you and I may find ourselves using the phone in the toilet, much as it is bad!

1. You are not alone!

toilet frogs

You are not the only phone user in the toilet

It is reassuring to note you are not alone doing this hideous activity. According to Bank My Cell infographics, over 90% of teens in the US alone, carry their smartphones to the toilet.

This not limited to the US alone. The stats reflect similar patterns around the world.

So, if everyone else is doing it, why not you? At least you are doing it in the confines of your HOME toilet. If, however, you are doing it in PUBLIC toilets, maybe then could you be practicing a very dangerous habit. This MUST be stopped!

2. You probably poop better

Come to think of it, the smartphone in your hands allows you to remain inside the toilet a little LONGER than you do, when without it. After all, you worry less about missing out on anything.

Think about it. You will not about missing on a call, Insta update, Timeline update … the list is endless.

Thus, you allow POOP time to take its course until fully completed. This is actually healthy. Retaining poop, even in the smallest of quantities will increase toilet visits, or harden the stool. This is a harbinger of health ills such as constipation and anal fissure!

3. Bacteria is everywhere!

The truth is, bacteria is not limited to toilets only. It is everywhere. You will get exposed whether in the toilet or not. Besides the dirty surfaces around us, we randomly interact with bacteria from our friends, who actually carry theirs to the loos. Not all smartphone users are clean enough.

Bacteria is everywhere
Besides its precense in the washrooms, bacteria is everywhere

A bacterial exchange will happen when they touch and use our smartphones, or us using theirs. This exchange is avoided only when we choose not to share phones – a near impossible practice.

4. Tech is addictive!

TECH has consumed society and modern lifestyle like nothing we have seen before. It is designed to change everything we do. That includes POOP time.

Steve Jobs (RIP) emphasised this fact a few decades back in praise of the revolutionary iPhone.