6 Valuable Hacks Into Using Free WiFi Hotspots Securely

Free WiFi hotspots are free-fall arenas for all and sundry and should not be used to access important personal data.4 min

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Last Updated: October 13, 2020

Free WiFi hotspots are meant to be HARMLESS because they are offered to facilitate learning in the education sector, and client satisfaction – in the productivity and entertainment industry.  

Sadly, security is not always assured or worse, is hard to implement. Upon connection to a wireless network, your devices are vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals. These can still valuable information, and perpetrate other internet criminalities.

You are therefore responsible for your smartphone and/or computer security the minute you hit CONNECT.

The Free Wifi Hotspot Hacks

Never mind if you have been plowing free WiFi hotspots carelessly. The following tips should keep you safe away from prying eyes. Follow them to the DOT and you will be a HAPPY surfer after all.

1. Free Wifi Hotspots are Insecure. Period!

free wifi hostpot
Never trust that free WiFi hotspot

First and foremost, the knowledge that free wifi is not necessarily safe should make you connect to them sparingly. Free things are actually not free if you ask!

Only connect when you have to. If you do connect, make it brief and log out the minute you are done.

While at it become unusually vigilant and critical of WiFi passwords for hotspots you intend to connect to. And just in case you trusted your favorite local restaurant because it uses a WiFi password, find out how easily accessible the password is. It should ring a worrying bell if it is easy to acquire, crack, and use.  

If it is all about getting one from the manager at the counter, then you are SCREWED. Most restaurants and bars actually display WiFi passwords right at the counter!

2. Watch Out for Duplicate and Spooky WiFi Hotspot Names

Duplicate hotspots
Watch out for duplicate hotspot names

Duplicate hotspot names are warning signs that hackers have set up a SPOOKY hotspot name and are eagerly waiting for you to log in by mistake! You will be redirected to internet locations manned by the tricksters in question. While there you will be monitored and have your CREDENTIALS compromised.

You should also watch out for enticing hotspot names like Free Wifi. They are usually HOAXES, re-directing you to rogue sites.

Of course, some enticing names represent genuine hotspots, but it is no crime to question them.

3. Use Virtual Private Networks