Toilet Hygiene Howlers that Will Make You Cringe!

It is a bad toilet hygiene to flush wet wipes. Also true, your bathing sponge carries millions of bacteria, much more than the toilet seat!4 min

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toilet hygiene
Beware keeping toothbrushes and other stuff in the toilet room. Image by Lenka Bartušková from Pixabay

Last Updated: October 23, 2020

While it is true many of us understand well the basics of toilet hygiene and guidelines, there are SMALL OTHER things we do inside the ‘toilet’ room that are embarrassingly wrong!

I won’t go into extensive details but stick to sobering toilet realities we commonly take for granted. These are realities that either expose our bodies to harmful bacteria or make us really stupid.

Food for thought: How often do you leave the toilet room wondering if you have done everything correctly, or stupidly?

Take these questions for example, how often do they cross your mind?

  • Did I flush the toilet correctly?
  • Did I wash my hands correctly?
  • Should I have left the toilet lid up or down?

What else crosses our mind, or not?

The truth is, toilet etiquette and fecal matter are not necessarily our favorite talking points, yet they require our attention every now and then.

Read on!

1. We leave our toothbrushes in the toilet!

the toothbrush can store millions of bacteria
You may not want to leave your toothbrush in the washroom! PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

There you go.

Beware where you place your toothbrush and toothbrushes for kids. Do you keep them above the cistern, or lock them up inside a plastic container inside the toilet room?

According to The Habdbook: Surviving in a Germ Filled World by Miryam Wharman, your toothbrush could be the carrier of more than 10 million bacteria, even more than the toilet seat – if you keep it inside the toilet room, always!

Every time you flush the toilet, particulates of bacteria can spread out to a radius of up to 6 feet, and this is within the reach of your toothbrush – a bad toilet hygiene as a matter of fact.

The next time you brush your teeth you will probably ingest millions of bacte