The A-List of Bad Habits to Avoid in Public Places

My list of bad habits in public places include nose-picking, pimple popping, mucus snorting, clumsy table manners ...5 min

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We all have a list of bad habits we regard as GROSS and wish that no one practices them in our presence – by all means. These are habits that should not be done in public at all, but if at all one practices them, it should be in utmost privacy.

Unfortunately, we are all entitled to celebrate individual freedoms, choices, and culture. As such what is agreeable to you is probably unacceptable to me.

Take smoking for example, while you may not mind passive smoking, I may consider it disrespectful when someone smokes next to me! In any case, your view is scientifically false. Undeniable scientific proof shows that second-hand smoke is bad for your health.

My list of bad habits:

By normal standards habits that lead to the following or other excesses should be avoided in PUBLIC:

  • Habits that are bad for health
  • Habits that make people turn their eyes
  • Habits that are embarrassing
  • Habits that set a bad example to kids

The list of bad habits we practice in public is endless. Below are just some that I find gross and disrespectful.

1. Nose picking!

Nose picking is in my list of bad habits to avoid in public

Nose picking in public places is a disgusting habit to do just as it is to watch. Every time you stick your finger in the nose to soothe an itch or extract irritating mucus, you just as well irritate those around you.

You are also placing germs in your fingernails which will ultimately end up on your smartphone screen or other objects you touch!

Besides, your fingernails may contain germs which can lead to infection in the nasal walls.

Instead of your finger, use a handkerchief or some tissue, or lest people begin distrusting your hygiene.

2. Pimple popping!

And then there are the pimple popping fellows who happily squeeze young pimples and whiteheads. This they do oblivious of everyone else around them. Please do it in privacy if you must, and clean yourself properly before showing up. Beware though, squeezing young pimples exposes the surrounding skin to possible infection.

pimple popping in public is gross
Why not leave the pimple alone?

3. Mucus snorting!

Yes, mucus is probably a good thing for the body’s healthy but how you choose to deal with its excesses in public is the problem. When at pain to clear the accumulation of phlegm in your nasal passages, use a tissue or hanky.

Do not snort (like a pig) and swallow your dirt in the company of other people. It is gross and disrespectful.

If you must gurgle your phlegm, DUCK from your friends and colleagues and do it alone, HONORABLY!

4. Clumsy table manners!

Well, different cultures and different food types may call for variations in how we eat, but excesses must be avoided in eating places. Ensure what you do on your table does not irritate others.

Doing the following while eating with other people is a little disrespectful:

  • humming
  • snorting
  • smirching
  • licking
  • growling
  • belching

Name them, the list is endless! It gets worse when you talk with a mouthful of food.

Control the excesses, which you should not do even at your home. Everyone will be happy.

In addition, do not order/serve more food than you can eat since there are many out there going without food.

5. Screaming!

Of course, you have the right to say what you want to say – it is a free world. Still, it is a bad habit to talk loudly on your phone in a manner that makes others uncomfortable.

do not shout on phone when in public

Keep your conversations on and off the phone private, and always look around you to ensure you are not becoming a misfit.

Besides, allowing others to talk may give you room to see and appreciate people around you. Usually, people who shout do not allow others to talk.

6. Smoking

reckless smoking is in the list of bad habits in public

This has been said over and over but many smokers still have no clue why they should stay away from the general public when smoking.

The health effects are known universally and there is no need to explain much. Just stop it!

7. Tech abuse

phones excesses falls in the list of bad habits
Too much phone use is a bad habit

The smartphone madness has swallowed us all but is no excuse for disrupting our lives in the manner it has.

You and I use the phone beyond what is usually normal. It has helped to alienate us from family, relationships, and work obligations.

Excessive phone use in public:

  • is bad for your health
  • disrupts communication with friends
  • may lead to accidents

When out with family and friends only use your phone if you have to, and secondly, do not WORSHIP it!

8. Alcohol abuse

alcoholism in public places is a bad habit
Beware not to consume alcohol than is necessary

Last but not least, here is one of the bad habits that needs no introduction, or better still, EXPLANATION! The abuse of alcoholic beverages! Excessive consumption of alcohol is a precursor to all kinds of mischiefs. Top of the pack includes unnecessary brawls. shouting, indecent behavior, and lastly, the hangover in the morning.

Always consume what your body is capable of, and not what consumes your body, soul, and mind!

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